Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exciting news:

Well, sort of. I have been spending a lot of my time lately working on, and thinking about my Boston University plans. This week things have finally come together. At last, after lots of emails and phone calls, I was able to speak with Michael Kaye, the program director of the Theatre Education MFA. He was really nice and helpful, and seemed to think I had potential as a candidate for the program. Here is the kicker. They only take ONE student a year.
It’s more like a fellowship than a student situation. They choose someONE with an interesting idea that lines up with something one of their faculty members wants to do. It is a mentorship relationship for three years while you/I work on their idea/project.
I told Michael my ideas for being an education director—like my boss—and running a youth/community outreach program and how I feel that in order to this I need to develop my artistic abilities, i.e. Acting and Directing.
I know you all think I’m a brilliant actress, but in reality I haven’t been on stage since high school, and only took one acting class in college. I have lots of great ideas, having worked on lots of shows, but very little actual experience.
Michael seemed to think this direction is wise, and said that their program would be great for that kind of training. Basically I would take an acting classes with the undergrads and then be expected to teach it the following semester. Ha!
I also got in touch with the local theatre’s Education Director (She like my boss) and she is super nice and seems really interested in helping me get to Boston—maybe even just working for her if I don’t get into the program.
So I’m continuing my application—I hate the process. I hope I’ll have it all done by the end of October. I probably won’t know anything more from them until February, and the final decision won’t be until March. Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today we got to have Campbell over to play. And no big (or Bigger)kids were around to provide entertainment. It's pretty funny to watch 1 year olds (almost for Campbell) interact. This is the kind of situation I would have LOVED to be able to observe when I was at BYU. It started out by Sadie giving Campbell item after item. Here's a tinkertoy-

and one of those...thingys

Please take this book. Note the body language of Campbell turning away.
Then I stepped in to help with the entertainment which was good for awhile.

Sadie got tired of that after not too long. "Where's your toes?"
Finally in the end happy with the parallel play (next to each other but not with each other)
Sweet baby girls!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pack 393

So here's me trying to look cool in my women-leader Scout shirt (an impossible feat) that just got passed down to me. Do I look mom-ish or what? I went to one training thing where the lady was saying leaders should tuck their shirts in since we expect the boys to. I tried that out and it's definetly not going to happen. So, I'm proud to be following in dad's footprints. However, I do hope to not be in scouts forever. For now its fun and I get to learn all about it (and there's alot) before Eli goes into Cubscouts in about a year and half.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blogging Stuff

OK, I finally figured out how to get back in there and change the settings. I deleted us from the "listed" blogs, so it won't show up when random Italians go blog-browsing in Bologna, but I left it on the searchable list in case someone is actually looking for us. I think "Joyous" was Joy Olson because Betsy asked me for the address the other day so she could let Joy see the kids.

I also added notifications so when comments are posted, everyone will get a notice in your email and you can see when there's activity. It doesn't tell you when a new post is up, only when there are comments made on it. If you don't like that, tell me and I'll change it. I'll send everyone a private email with the how-to's and passwords so you can get on the master blog and change things if you want.

Love ya'll!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mom made a request to see some Belle. She is so funny still not really crawling but she does get around. Like this!! She is such a easy going happy baby reminds me of Jane as a baby. She LOVES the cat and he is just happy to get some attention! He is as good a cat as she is a baby.
So here she is.....(comin up quick on 1!!!)
We are thinking maybe Jack-Jack for Halloween!
Lots of hair
C.T.R. Clip Model

Friday, September 12, 2008


So while we're making plans...whats up with Thanksgiving? Anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Broadlawn Street Rocks

I've been living in my new HOUSE (woo hoo! Be gone, communal living!) for about a month now. First off, it's super cute, as you can see on the left. And I love having lots of roommates again. Although I may have been somewhat of a solitary, bookwormish child and also a sometimes too-independent teenager, I've realized that I am much too social to live alone. When your one roommate has a serious boyfriend, that's what it often amounts to. Now there is always someone home to have fun with, especially since neither Melanie or I are working yet. Glad I'm not alone in my underemployment. There are 5 of us: Me, Krystle, Melanie, Julia, and Dayna.
And I love my new craigslist find--the rocking chair. I've taken a surprising amount of grief for buying this--several jokes about knitting. I think it's really cute. To me, it's reminiscent of island life such as in the DR where everyone has rocking chairs and sits around in the evenings talking to family and neighbors (which are often the same thing). This area is always shady, thanks to the olive tree, and it's perfect for reading. I've got my stack of books there in the picture, and school hasn't even started yet. Another day in the good life!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Beach Camp

Here's the skinny. There aren't a lot of tent-camping areas on the beach in SoCal. In San Diego Co, I could only find South Carlsbad and San Elijo. They both seem to be rather parking-lot-like from what I can tell, on a bluff up above a l-o-n-g wooden walkway down to the sand. Maybe we can get Sally to go scout them out.

In LA Co., I found Doheny State Beach, near Dana Pt., which looks really nice to me--I like a few trees! Google up "Family Vacation Getaways Doheny" (the URL is too long to post well) and see what you think.It's near Capistrano Mission and the petting zoo, and Legoland, I think. Sounds like there are things to do. Surfing on the North of the beach--as I recall, Doheny is a pretty good surf beach.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Other Options

I'm told Flagstaff has some beautiful camping areas--very close to home for the families with kids.

Carpinteria, up by Santa Barbara, has a BIG state beach campground.

Shaver Lake -- the farthest drive, but lots of good memories. Near Cold Creek and the sliding rocks. We could rent ski-do's and canoes.

Carlsbad Beach -- near San Diego, never been there, but they're talking about doing the ward family camp there next year.

Big Bear--need I say more? We might even be able to talk the gps and other family into coming part of the time.

Yosemite --if we make reservations early, they have cabins that would be more comfy than a tent.

Just some ideas. Tell me what you think.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Are You A Mexi-CAN?

Or a Mexi-CAN'T... The difference will determine your future vacation plans. At this point I have talked to everyone about doing a family vacation in Mexico. My initial thought was Roserito but Amy & Katie say that a lot of people from Arizona go to a place they call Rocky Point whose real name is Puerto Penasco. It's in Sonora, Mexico and about 150 miles from Phoenix. I've done some searching for houses and prices and what not and found a great house called "Casa Buena Fortuna" for those of you who don't speak the kings Spanish that means House of Good Fortune. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, enough space for 18 people, a kitchen with all utilities and conveniences of your home, and immediate beach access.

Pretty amazing huh? But your thinking the Giles-Froerer-Kleven Family is too poor for such extravagant living (with the exception of Mom). Ah, but this is Mexico where all your dollars are converted to pesos. I've already talked to the owners and they've agreed to the price of $2,650 for the week. Now divide that by the Froerer's, Kleven's, Mom, Sally, Miranda, and Jeff. It's close if your in Arizona, it's cheap, and it would be great! I've got more photos and info about prices for various things. Post your questions and thoughts in the comments section.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"B" Talk

A couple weeks ago I was at Walmart and purusing their book aisle, when a dad and 3 kids came within earshot. My first thought upon hearing them talking was that they were speaking some European language. Upon closer examination I realized they were talking "Z" talk. I am not making this story up. They saw my glance and falter whatsoever in their "Z" talk they did not. Zit zounded zeally zeird. The dad was the most blatent one of all. I seriously stood there smiling and came very close to saying that I used to talk "B" talk with my family when I was a teenager. I wouldn't have said it to them but "B" talk is much cooler and funnier sounding. If they tried "B" I bet they'd switch. Boo bouldn't? Boy by boor boo bis bad bumtimes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Halloween Memories

Ok I know Halloween is still 2 months away but I was at the store yesterday and they had their stuff out already, so me and the kids were purusing through and I saw this cat! Doesn't he look just like our old Halloween cat! I tried to leave him at the store but he kept calling me back to him. I kept walking back down the aisle to look again (like Kate and her Chips) :) So as I was paying for my other needed items I said "Jane run back and get the CAT!" Now here he is waiting for Oct 1 st to sit on our porch for the month. I still love Halloween! I don't usaully dress up much anymore, a witch hat or something but it is such fun dressing all the kids and you know who doesn't like having candy all over the house. (we just don't admit that as freely) So a new black cat in the family again.