Wednesday, November 17, 2010

July 9, 2000

I saw this picture and just thought I'd post it for fun.
Time sure flies doesn't it?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The geese are getting fat, but hopefully now that our Halloween candy is finally gone I won't be.

With my little helpers Sadie and Campbell drawing names for me, I have the results of the adult Christmas exchange!


This is so exciting to have some new people. Yeah! We love our new people. They're awesome!
Unfortunately, the child gift exchange is as boring as always (although we do love the boring grandchildren too). A little more fun there next year maybe :)
Also, if anyone knows their Christmas plans please put them in the comments. It'd be great if we could all be together for a day or two :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The After Party

It was short but to me, very sweet. Something about us all being together at "home" felt really special. Can we all agree to get together again soon? Did we ever figure out Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will everyone be out here right after Christmas besides Randa?

Here's mom and the divider- taking it all in.
the Clones and Eter.
The good photography chair in poor lighting.
I had to include this one for Jeff's face :) does anyone else think Jeff's becoming quite photogenic? Must be another Carrie-influence.
It was really neat listening to what grandpa had to say. (Another thing I should've videod!)
You both have a bit of an eyebrow lilt going. I'm gonna have to work on that. Actually, maybe just Rand.
aint no party like a Giles house party. Hey! Ho!
Nice to just relax and enjoy each other for a little while after the party. And I had to add this for Eli's very special balloon. And it's cute of mom.
I really miss you all already. Camping this summer. 5 days. Let's do it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Online Entrepeneurship.... help!

Amidst last week's excitement of lightning striking our backyard, Eter having a part-time job (which we hope will last a while) fall in his lap, and our FREE 6 month anniversary trip to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel....

I've been busy making some prototypes for a new product I hope to start selling, online (, maybe ebay, maybe our own website), by word of mouth, and possible at some kind of boutique things in AZ that Amy just told me about.

It's re-usable gift couture (?), which saves time, the environment, and your great aunt's hands by getting rid of the old style ribbon and replacing it with (something like) this easy-on/easy-off number:

There are three sizes here. All of them are first tries, and I'll post them individually so you can see them better. The ribbon is elastic, so there is no tying when wrapping or tugging when opening. And it can be used over and over.

I think this one is the most successful so far. It's a DVD inside, so that's the size. It also works for book size and any smaller box in that general range. I wrapped it with a grocery bag--easily recycled. Do you think it needs to be blinged up? Like bejeweled? I like it kind of simple like this. I guess there could be both options.

This would be the smallest version, and only really works if it goes on straight (vs diagonal). You can't see the ribbon in this picture but it is a light green. This is just a box I already had, but I could get different colored boxes in this size pretty easily and sell it with the box. I've also thought about doing a kind of coordinating set of three with different sizes.

Try to imagine this one with some cute wrapping paper. I'm actually considering selling boxes where the top is covered in fabric--making it reusable and eliminating wrapping paper. But I need to check on how reasonable shipping rates are for these bigger boxes. I don't think they could fold with the fabric glued on.
This is my first attempt at Christmas, which will hopefully be the big push and jumpstart. I also need to get some good green ribbon. I've got the light one, and a dark one that is more bluish-teal. It looked weird, so I went with the brown again here.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

I also need to come up with a name. At least for Etsy, but it would be nice if it could just stay the same. And Eter is working on a logo/background.

Here are some names so far, and please suggest more if you think of any:

Sally's Flower Box Shop
Flower Box Gifters
Gift Box Couture
The Green Ribbon (meaning eco-friendly)

Or any mixture of such?

I need to channel this family's creativity, please! TATUM!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Green Card Arrived!!!

I realized I didn't really tell anyone, so I'll post it here. (Also because I can't stand seeing this same post here anymore. No one uses this blog now! Come on, people!)

Eter's green card came in the mail on Saturday. We got home from the temple, checked the mail, and there it was! About 2 hours later we were in Mexico, at his mom's house. It worked out perfectly because this annual stake party was happening that day, so we went and had some great Mexican food for free (gotta love the church everywhere!), and Eter got to see a ton of people. Then his brother Israel, with his wife Marisol and baby Andrea came over to his mom's. Eter finally got to meet his niece! I went and saw her when she was a week old, but now that she's two months, she's getting cuter and cuter. She even smiled at me. Some people are saying she looks like Eter. Maybe. We think she also looks like her mom.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is it TOO Early?

To talk about Thanksgiving? I know our family is more accustomed to last minute planning, but I love to think ahead to nice autumny things and divert my attention from the heat. So what do you think? I didn't just get to see everyone like you all did and wouldn't it be great if we could all be together for one of the holidays? So lets have a blog conversation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Special Blessing

A couple Sunday's ago, it was announced in Sacrament meeting that it would be a good thing to take a few minutes, go out to the Gilbert temple site and snap a family picture before construction begins. We're so grateful to be getting a temple of our very own :) Especially since the Mesa temple takes like a whole 15 mins to drive there! This will be like 10. Whew! But really it's exciting that the Mesa temple is so busy that there is a need for another one so close.
It's neat to think that some of these cousins may get married there someday!
(not to each other :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"H and G"

The kids waited and waited... and finally they came! It was so fun to see you guys for a little bit!
And then we left to go camping with 3 other families in our ward.
when I see the food in Sadie's mouth it makes me I the only one who could think this picture is adorable b/c I'm her mother and everyone else is grossing out at the "seafood"?
After we got back home I found out that Holly's hair was camouflaging a layer of dirt
There were 2 dogs up there which the kids played with a TON. Emma most of all. All the other parents kept saying that we need to get our kids a dog. I usually brush off that comment but I have to say, watching Emma play with them so happily all weekend, I began to feel a little guilty about it.
Eli got down and dirty of course.
BTW, he started a blog of his own today ( and already wrote 3 posts! I sent you all invitations, but could someone try and look at it before they accept just to make sure it's private? Thank you!
The kids assumed Branba would still be here when we got back and were not happy campers (kug kug) when we returned to an empty house. Did you leave us a box of "Ohs"?

Also, as part of the kids summer schedule, they'll be updating their blogs once a week so you can check them more often.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Check out the Recipe blog

I posted a new recipe on the Giles Family Recipe blog. Take a click!

Just to put a picture on here for interest, this is the real me these days, "working." Reading, computer open for notetaking, even the phone open there. Don't I look like a good multi-tasker?

For a super interesting documentary about multitasking and our strange world of multimedia and internet fake life, watch Digital Nation from Frontline on

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day Wish For MOM

That the happiness and blessings you've bestowed upon us, will be returned 100 fold throughout your life. You are the center of our family and we love you!!!

(sorry for the missing family members!- we'll be needing an updated family photo soon)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Was it a good year for you?

I couldn't resist posting this picture :) Our family looks so small....and pretty goofy. I guess Jeff's problem keeping his eyes open in photos began at a young age Carrie :)

Was this by chance taken at the church?

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fantabulous Froerers

Dan and Amy decided to take on the project of having a booth at Relay For Life this year. They took even more time out of their super busy lives to contribute to this cause- and do a little marketing along the way. Amy went to massage schools and got students who are close to graduating to volunteer their time. People had to fill out some info and get a "once over" by Dan who was fun to watch doing his stuff.
Amy, Tatum, and Eli (he loved this job) stood out front of their booth and offered passers-by free massages (donations appreciated).
I returned for the 5am shift. I could not believe the music was still blaring and how many people were still there and wide awake at that time!
I enjoyed the sunrise.
Emma asked if she could come with me. That girl sure loves to talk!
The Froerer's slept their in a tent so Tatum and Jane joined us for the last couple laps.
It was fun being part of this great cause- even though I didn't really do anything hard for it this year (like try and earn money). But Dan and Amy definitely did. Hats off to them- they are a couple of amazing people :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bubba likes sports games and stuff

So, as you may know. My viewership of sports has increased dramatically in the last year owing to Senor Bubba's sports-likingness. He tells me that there is a possibility that the Suns and the Mavricks (his team of choice, from Dallas) may have a play-off game in the next month.
If this should happen he would like to come down to AZ either attend the game (tickets appear to be about $30) or to at least watch it.
We know that we have seen a lot of each other lately, but really there hasn't been much during wedding craziness to actually hang out and relax together. So this may present an excuse for another get together.
We will keep you posted on the game possibilities. So, maybe we'll be seeing the AZ crew in May.

PS, Great photo, right? Nice spare tire and relief society arms. Nothing like a really really awful candid to motivate.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few More

I don't know why I really like this one.
All listening very intenting to the photographer's instruction.
I left these out by accident before.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Amy is is so great to never forget about the "bunny bread" MMMM....
Grandkids. Looks like we got a spot for a little brown-headed one up front. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Salter's Wedding

So I'm spreading out the love. Since I don't want to overload my blog watchers too much with Sally's pictures, and I know all of us can handle it.

quite happy with this one- and the above.
I love this one but thought I'd put it on here just in case Sally doesn't like it for some reason.
A lucky shot.

so cute!
so cute again (sorry again Ame)

loved seeing you all!