Monday, September 13, 2010

Green Card Arrived!!!

I realized I didn't really tell anyone, so I'll post it here. (Also because I can't stand seeing this same post here anymore. No one uses this blog now! Come on, people!)

Eter's green card came in the mail on Saturday. We got home from the temple, checked the mail, and there it was! About 2 hours later we were in Mexico, at his mom's house. It worked out perfectly because this annual stake party was happening that day, so we went and had some great Mexican food for free (gotta love the church everywhere!), and Eter got to see a ton of people. Then his brother Israel, with his wife Marisol and baby Andrea came over to his mom's. Eter finally got to meet his niece! I went and saw her when she was a week old, but now that she's two months, she's getting cuter and cuter. She even smiled at me. Some people are saying she looks like Eter. Maybe. We think she also looks like her mom.