Friday, September 18, 2009

Health Report

I'm finding there are a lack of people to brag to about this to, so I can count on my family right? Except I did actually call Amy to tell her this earlier today so.....the rest of you.
You may be of the opinion that I have the sickly genes in our family. I have heard mom say I was her most "sickly" child. Yes, I did get JRA at 10 and yes, I have severe nausea when preg...

BUT after not having my cholesterol checked since the cafeteria finger prinking machine in 7th grade, I decided I better get it checked out- along with the basic "physical" stuff. So....I'm happy to report that my cholesterol which they want below 200, is 165. My triglycerides (fats in blood I think) which they want below 150, is 37! Oh yeah! He said he hasn't seen triglycerides that low in a long time. He said I got an "A+ on my blood work" I haven't gotten an A+ in a long time and I was beaming when he said that. I also got an EKG that looked good.

Best of all was having better numbers than Dana, who was happy, of course, that I'm healthy and receiving glowing blood reports, but a little bit mystified by the fact that I never exercise and he's running marathons.
The doctor concluded with, "keep doing what you're doing" and "I guess you have good genes..."

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Adventures of Atticus Finch

Meet Atticus. I found him on the ground by the bird feeder when I was watering. In fact, I accidentally watered him! He's missing a number of wing feathers and all of his tail feathers, and I
imagine he had a run in with one of the cats--not

Stripes, of course; I think he'd be afraid of Atticus.

When I reached over and picked him up, he just stayed on my hand and trembled a bit. He can hop from my hand to the bird feeder, but he seems rather weak and shakey--traumatized would probably be the word for it.

I called my friend who knows about birds, and she said he'd grow new feathers as long as he was kept safe. So I fixed him a home in a plastic carton with a loose lid, and I think I'll take him to school-- out of Stripes' way just in case he starts feeling like tiger-ish.

Debbie also said if I keep him awhile, he'll become very tame. So I'll see what happens.

He spent a little while pecking at the plastic box, trying to figure out why he could see through it but not get out there.
Now he seems to have found his pjs and is heading off to sleep.
...To be continued.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mexican Wedding...with none of those cookies

This weekend Eter's brother, Israel, and his fiancee, Marisol (cute name, huh?) got married. It was a two-day affair, because the Mexican government doesn't recognize religious ceremonies as legal marriages. So, they have to get married civilly first, and then in their church.
Friday, I went down to Tijuana and they got married legally. And the judge came right to the restaurant--so convenient! Here are some pics of that day with Eter's mom, brothers and the girlfriends.

Hmm, does anyone stand out in this picture? I feel huge around them. And I think I'm slouching pretty good, too.

Then Saturday was the sealing in San Diego, which I went to but didn't get any pictures outside because it all happened during my regular temple shift. Which was actually cool because I got to be the one taking her around and helping her get dressed and sending them out the door to everyone.

After that, Eter waited for me to be done and we drove down to Mexico again for a reception put on by her family. Her sisters made her dress, which was really pretty.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for you to see his family. And to document at least one of my trips traipsing off to far-a-way Mexico.

Friday, September 4, 2009

3 White Dresses

No, not your 3 white dresses- the ones I have had in Emma's closet for about 7 years now. They were once Tatum's size 4, Emma's and Jane's- size 2. For Kristy's wedding. I'm just letting any possibly interested peoples know that they are there. And that they could potentially be worn by Holly- size 4 , and Sadie and Campbell- size 2. Either way, I'm kinda excited to get their puffiness out of the closet sooner than later.Haven't seen the wreaths though. Cute picture of grandma :)

Tomorrow we're going camping with the Froerer's and some people in her ward. We're probably going to get poured on. Hopefully not enough to wash the fun away. Wish us luck!