Friday, March 18, 2011

Sal's First Shower

When Amy and I went down to San Diego we got to see Eter and Sally's new place and also shower them with love and presents for their little guy. Well it was more of a dumptruck of love but I thought I'd share a couple pictures since most of you weren't there.
It was hard for Eter to curb his enthusiasm for all those baby goods.
We began to realize denim isn't quite as popular as it once was.
I think this is when Amy was trying to fix their ottoman she broke by falling off of.
And I paused long enough to take a picture as I devoured a big bag of Trader Joe's sweet potato chips they didn't care for. Anyone else have any? Because apparently I can polish one off in about 20 minutes.

Can't wait for sweet baby James :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Except Carrie that is. Although I think Miranda's heel clicking glee might be my personal fave.
seriously, Carrie puts us to such shame.
on the way back down.
not too shabby...
And the one toe leap :) Love you mom!

We Don't Need No Stinkin Photobooth :)

I just love the one where Carrie is the only one who listened to mom and did a crazy face.
Haha- so funny :)
Wait Sal- did you do one too?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jeffy a.k.a. Mini-Dad

I feel kind of bad that Jeff is getting left out of this weekend's fun. He's probably less sad than we are about him missing a Girls' Weekend (which was pretty much every weekend of his life for 18 years), but I thought now would be an appropriate time to show some uncanny likeness photos that I found when I stole the old photo albums for mom's party last fall. I wish I had Katie's or Carrie's fancy picture-collage skills. You'll just have to check these out the old-fashioned blog way.

Even asleep, Jeff looks like Dad. (Ignore the whipped cream prank occurring. Or laugh, hehe.)
It's a little further away, but check it out. Same position even.
Jeff, be glad you just LOOK like Dad when you sleep and didn't get Dad's crazy light-sleeper gene like I did. This morning I literally wanted to shoot an innocent bird that started singing away right outside my window when it was still dark out.

But back to the subjects at hand. I would literally think these pictures were the same person, if not for the aged-ness of Dad's graduation photo:

I have to say that Amy makes a similar face... but I'll save that for a post that is yet to come....

A Conversation

Campbell: Something, something something (I can't remember what)
Sadie: "Duh Campbell!"
Campbell: "You don't say 'duh' to me!"
Sadie: "Nooo. I was saying like "Da-da-da-da." (in a sing-songy way)
Campbell: "O-kaaaay"
A little example of their hilarious conversations.
They love each other so much! We're so grateful for their family.