Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Exchange List

I think I'm a little late on this, this year. I've been busy and still can't believe Halloween is this week already!

As I wrote out all the names for the gift exchange drawing, I noticed that for the first year the kids outnumber the adults. Even if mom was on the list, there'd still be one more kid! Ten adults, eleven kids. Pretty crazy! :)

Dan---> Carrie
Amy---> Sally
Dana---> Dan
Katie---> Miranda
Eter---> Jeff
Sally---> Dana
Jeff---> Eter
Carrie---> Katie
Miranda---> Amy

Tatum---> Eli
Jane---> Lucia
Emma---> Campbell
Eli---> Jane
Dallin---> James
Holly---> Tatum
Sadie---> Berkley
Campbell---> Holly
James---> Emma
Berkley---> Dallin
Lucia---> Sadie

Other items up for conversation:

  • Are we going to try and get a family picture taken this year? Please give your feedback either way.
  • Do we want to beach camp this year? If so, which month? If not, where else should we go?
  • In the summer we talked a little bit about maybe renting the group site and making it a Swan reunion...I personally think that would be fun.
  • anything else?