Monday, April 28, 2008

Campbell's peas

This is Campbell's 1st real food (besides rice cereal.) She seems to like it. She is pretty happy most of the time though!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Job!!!

Dana got a new job today! 2 days after his old one officially ended. Well he got a job offer that he's going to accept tomorrow. It's with Best Western. He's grateful to be leaving the banking industry. To answer your next question we do get some kind of discount on their hotels but we don't know what yet. It can be up to 2 rooms but we have to be staying in one of them. He will start May 12th! We feel so blessed! Thank you for any prayers on our behalf.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust...

I invoke the famous words of this rock legend to inform you that I'm once again as officially single as I have ever been. If I were more tech-savvy I would have imposed a jagged line down the middle of this prom-pose picture to separate us.
I know, (sigh), you are all sad. But it went well and needed to be done. And I should know, I'M the dating expert of this family, after all. 14 years and running...
It was kind of sad because Jeremy is what we call "quality," but you just shouldn't have to work that hard to try to like someone, speaking for both of us. Unfortunately what looks good on paper doesn't always transfer to real life. I think Jeremy had everything that was on the list I made in Young Women's...a lengthy scroll of requirements! Oh, except the all-crucial "in love with me" part.
So, rather than mourning another good try that didn't pan out, I'm giving you (and maybe this will help Jeff, too)...drum roll...

1) There's plenty of room on the couch.
2) You don't have to answer the constant question: "So, how's it going with you guys?"
3) You can be a lot more productive with all this extra time on your hands.
4) Hanging out at home in your pajamas is a-ok because he won't be stopping by.
5) You can plan fun things that you want to do and invite people you like to come, rather than being at the mercy of someone else's plans and social circle.

So, I was going for 10 but had to change to 5 because, obviously, Singledom is just ok, not fantastic. But, on with the "Year of the Good Life" anyhow! Randa, Jeff, Rock ON!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Queen on her 33rd Birthday

Here's me on my birthday throne! When I thought of what I wanted for my birthday-a new toilet was the first thing that came to my mind. Our old one had a pathetic flush and I was plunging it (the most disgusting thing in the world) like once a week. Dana took out the old one and put this new one in. He did a great job. We are all loving it.

Thank you all for your birthday calls (except one person who will not be named but you know who you are. I know you threw in the towel this year with calling on the kids birthdays-but I didn't know that meant everyone's!) I had an awesome birthday! Amy and I had a delicious and FREE lunch together, pedi, breakfast in bed, dinner out with friends, pictures from my kids, use of the toilet, the list goes on!


Okay, I know I keep posting about Sadie but I couldn't resist A couple days ago I was looking for her and calling her name and I couldn't find her. Finally I went in Emma and Holly's room and as I was looking on the floor and in the closet, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and there she was looking just like this picture- soooo excited and proud of herself that she climbed all the way up the ladder and onto the bed all by herself. She had been caught before a few times half way up. So now we have another door we have to try to remember to keep closed. Dana watched her while I went and got the camara.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Relay for Life

Thought I would let you know what else is going on....
Next weekend the kids school is involved in a Relay 4 Life! You may remember this at home they did it a few years ago. The idea is "cancer never sleeps" so they have at least 1 person from each team walking all through the night at raise $$ for cancer research. Well Dan is sponsoring the Highland Park team and doing massages for walkers. He has this donation jar at his office. I am going to walk that night. Anyway it is obviously a cause close to our hearts. If you or anyone you know want to donate I have a little page on the site as a walker. It is also on my blog. I don't want to E-mail everyone I know about it, so if you have rich cancer- fearing friends let me know!
Love you guys!

Stawberry Jam?

OK.....! So my friend and I found strawberries on sale for 97cents a pound. What a deal we thought "Lets make JAM, alot of it 16 containers each" So with having 2 kids each in school and 2 each at home we decide that we will spend our afternoon bottling jam. (FOOD STORAGE) and we did. And since you all know me you know is can't be the end of the story or it wouldn't be my story!! So it is yummy. Especially if you like SYRUP! With all the confusion we appartnely miss calculated and the "Sure-Gel" wasn't so sure of us!!!! She is trying to re-boil tonight to see if we can start over or if we now have 24 bottles of syrup. Oh well it was fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keep it up!

Hi all,
I wish I had cute pictures to send. Sorry, it's still just me and the GPs, one cat and numberous plants--oh and a host of dead relatives on the computer.
Anyway, I'm having a great time reading everyone's notes. And if you haven't been checking out Amy's blog, it's very cute...loved the picture of Campbell with a foam ring on her nose. (I tried to post a comment, but it was mad at me or something today.) Keep up the good work, guys. It's good for a mother's soul. Any Jeffy--call your mother. :) I love you all.

Friday, April 11, 2008

First steps!

Just a quick post to say that Sadie did take 3 steps today! I haven't gotten a picture yet though. It'll still be a while before she's walking instead of crawling but still very exciting!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Faulta Alguno

Uno Delgado Hermano.
Jeffe- Voy a continuar hablar en espanol- que horrible! Until tu da una respuesta.
O posible te llamo por telefono. Otras?...okay I just can't even venture into past tense. Has anyone else talked to him lately?
Anyway, I thought these pictures were a little better.
Your turn Sal! Tienes un foto?

Jeff Where have you gone!!!

This is a call out to Jeff....
We miss you!!!!!
Come back to OUR BLOG!!
(only pic I could find quickly)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our conference weekend!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This was one of the very few quite conference moments, must have been right after I gave the the candy for conference Bingo! "treasure the moments" isn't that what Elder Ballard said to us Young Mothers.

Our conference baby turned 6months old today! Born last conference, WOW the time flies. She is such a little blessing, as you can see she is sitting up pretty good now and still sweet!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I did a very little hiking with some friends today after conference. There were some petroglyphs, but I think they were mostly of boy scout origin. Too bad it's really not all that pretty around here. Mostly just a lot of scrub trees.

Un Poco Pediendo? (don't laugh Sal and Jeff)

Progress is taking place on the road toward walking! Sadie is standing for longer periods of time. Now we're just waiting for a little desire to occur and she'll be there. This may not seem too exciting but I was kind of looking for an excuse to post something. Have a great Conference weekend!