Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday-Birthday-Birthday (kesuneheight)

Today, being Eli's birthday, we're signing off from the Kleven birthday extravaganza for the year. It's been a busy but very fun week. We had such a wonderful time in California, mom. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Especially the help with all that fun sick stuff. Sally you too. Thanks so much. I hope we didn't leave you any bugs. Especially grandma. I hope she's doing well. Here's some of the fun things they got for those of you that weren't celebrating with us. Besides all getting to go to Disneyland!
Mom's house
Awesome science experiment kit from mom.
Two books from mom. She read James and the Giant Peach in like 2 days and loved it!
Sadie LOVES this book mom. She really looks for that doggy.
Mom also made a delicious angel food cake with strawberries and vanilla pudding. Yumm.

Tonight at the Froerer's
This is from me and Dana but she also got a cute microphone/activity toy from Dan and Amy.
Art set from the Froerers and 2 little animals and a scripture case from us.
Skateboard for Eli which he's been wanting since he was like 3. Hopefully he'll actually want to learn how to ride it now.
Is he looking 7 now or is it just me? Same with Emma. She looks so "9" now. Sadie...well she's growing! That's the important thing. She'll probably be looking 2 just in time to turn 3, but that's okay!
Even Holly didn't escape the February fun without surprises of her own! We've really been enjoying this one since we've been home :) Thanks mom!
Amy got those little dissolving sponge animals for Holly and she LOVES them!
Plus money and phone calls and thoughts. I feel so blessed (and I know they do too) to have such a sweet family that always makes things like birthdays special. Thank you!!! We love you all so much :) They all have their own birthday post on my blog too if you want to check them out.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

After 25 years...

Here is a bit of good news for everyone. I have a boyfriend, officially. Bubba (yes, for all intents and purposes, it is his REAL name.) and I have been good friends since May. We've been spending a lot more time alone since the new year, and, as of this week, we are officially official. (Construe that as you will.) Some of you have met him already, but here is some info:
Born in Texas, moved to Pleasant Grove in high school.
6' tall, loves sports (esp. football) music, and supports my theater habits.
Full name: Gregory (he hates it) Matthew Jackson.
Youngest of 6.
Majoring in Business and working at a land title company.
Missionary in Paraguay, speaks Spanish and Guarani.
Very attractive and very gentlemanly.