Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One More Page

In Case You Were Wondering What You Were Doing on a Random Day in June When Carrie was 6 Months Old

Emma's been a little curious about me as a person outside of motherhood lately (kind of an amazing thing:) and so she was pulling out my journals. I made a rule though that it has to be when we are the same age. So my first reeal journal is when I was 11 (see below) and I screen-read it for her and thought it was pretty funny-(ie the "bitchen" part, describing the "b" talk, and calling Sally stubborn) She has a hard time reading my cursive. You may too. And I like Jeffy's artwork :)

Interestingly, I was 4'9" and Emma is 4'9"! She may have some scrawny days ahead- hopefully not as much as I was.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Pictures

I felt like I reached maximum picture capacity on my post but I had a bunch more I wanted to share with you guys. Last time I tried uploading to FB it was a nightmare (I know it's bc I didn't compress the pics but I don't want to take the time) so here you take the ones you like and add them to Fb yourself if you want.

I really love this one.



(running backwards)

I truly had the best week. I keep thinking about how much fun it was :) Thanks everyone!