Sunday, October 21, 2012

What? A new post on the family blog?

Ok so it's that time of year again :) Time to at least start thinking about Christmas and maybe what the people on your Christmas list might want. So Emma and Jane helped me draw names tonight after Sunday dinner. Here. You. Go. You're Welcome.

Dan -> Carrie
Amy -> Sally
Dana -> Jeff
Katie -> Randa
Eter -> Amy
Sally -> Dana
Jeff -> Katie
Carrie -> Eter
Miranda -> Dan

I'm sorry if any of you have the same person you have every year- it was a fair draw...maybe you need to really get them the right gift this year before you can move onto someone else.

Kid exchange:

Tay -> Emma
Jane -> Eli
Emma -> Dallin
Eli -> Jane
Dallin -> James
Holly -> Campbell
Sadie -> Tatum
James -> Holly

For the kid exchange we talked about homemade gifts. Thoughts on that Sal? Obviously you'll have to give James a little help with that. :)