Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

1ST Night -
Camping- Froerers
Hotel #1- Klevens
Hotel#2- Mom, Sally, Randa
Truck- Jeff

2ND Night -
Camping- Kids Campout (Tay, Jane, Dallin, Emma, Eli, Holly) and Dan and/or Dana (if room for both) Eter (air mattress on concrete? Or whatever hotel Sally's in)
Hotel #1 Kate, Sadie, Mom, Sally, or Randa (I split the babies up so that they won't wake each other up in the night)
Hotel #2 Amy, Campbell, Mom, Sally, or Randa
Truck- Jeff

3RD Night -
Camping- Mom, Amy, Kate, Sally, Randa
Hotel #1- Dana, Eter, Kleven kids
Hotel #2- Dan, Jeff, Froerer kids (kids can mix up a bit between the rooms if they want)
Jeff if you could peel yourself away from your truck for that night it would make it more fun.

So...whatcha think?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Sorry I keep posting but I found this map on the website and now that we know we are lot#98 we can kinda see where we are (click on it). We are on the far left side between the road and the bathroom. It's not right on the beach like I thought it was, but being close to the bathroom is nice too. Especially for those of us with little kids.

Also just talked to the guy and asked him how many tents could fit there and he said 1 medium tent. Wah-Wah. But he did say we could fit 3 cars there (1 free, $10 PER NIGHT for the other 2)and maybe put an air mattress out on the concrete he said. I'm thinking it has more concrete than dirt. But- at least we have the site! (We weren't so sure for a minute last night- scary!)

Dana called the hotel and it's 6 people per night there. Everyone will basically get 2 hotel nights and 1 camping night. Right now I'm thinking us and the Froerer's in the hotel rooms the first night, possibly a kids camp-out the 2nd night? Excluding the "babies". I'll keep working on it. I want to switch up who we're bunking with on the different nights a bit.

I can smell the firepit already...

Amy's wearing her Pac-Man shirt. Mom's doing mom stuff (helping us all get food looks like). Sally appears to be eating a Ding-Dong. Jeff's little (big)head is peeking out from behind Sal. Randa enjoying the scene from Heaven. Dad taking the picture. An idea may be forming in my mind of having a conversation through song with the sea. Mom describes on the back "July 1982, a super day at the beach."

More super days are soon to be. He he!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Non church related "Good News Minute"

Well after lots of calls not getting me anywhere, I finally wrote a letter to whomever it concerned at "Reserve America". Now within just 5 days, I have a refund for 2 campsites that laid vacant in mid-December (along with 85% of the campground).
So, I will be able to enjoy our family vacation completely untainted by my error. AND I'm getting sooooo excited for the trip! Especially with these 100+ temps we're already getting! Yea for the beach!!! Do Dana and I need to buy a tent beforehand? We want to soon anyway, so we can.
We are on our last full week of school here! Anyway, thought I'd share:)
Do we need to make any other plans?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother of the Year

To OUR Mom the mother of the year!

She finally gets the recognition she deserves... go check it out

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tatum, Jane, and Holly had their recital on Saturday. It was so much fun and so cute with beautiful costumes. Amy and her girls did alot of work decorating the costumes up and they turned out so cute! All the girls had so much fun. Holly LOVED watching her big cousins dancing. Tatum and Jane were awesome! It's fun to see the older girls and how much they learn. A lady in Amy's ward did pictures of the girls in their costumes.

Great job girls!!!