Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here it is! I just looked it up and thought I'd post the picture and a little hotel info.

Hotel Information
Best Western Dana Point Inn-by-the-Sea 34744 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, California, 92624-1302, United States Phone: 949/240-0150 Fax: 949/240-4862

General Hotel Information:
Check-In: 3PM (15:00)
Check-Out: 11AM (11:00)
Hotel Ratings: AAA-3 Diamonds
Pet Policy: No pets allowed

Hotel Amenities:
Complimentary continental breakfast
100% non-smoking/public areas
Spa - Sun desk spa
Steam room
Safe deposit box
Baggage hold
Guest Room Amenities:
Cable satellite television
In-room movies
Desk/work area
Wet bar-you never know when you may get a hankerin!
Coffee/tea maker

Area Information:
0 mile(s) from Doheney State Beach
1 mile(s) from fishing
1 mile(s) from Festival of Whales
1 mile(s) from Dana Point Harbor
3 mile(s) from Mission San Juan Capistrano
3 mile(s) from Flower and Garden Festival
5 mile(s) from Laguna Beach Arts Festival

I'm getting excited already!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Suite Deal

The "lady" at Dana's work who was checking on what rate she could get us at the hotel just got back to him. Drumroll please.....
for 2 rooms on JUNE 18, 19, 20 the rate is $59/per night (each). Plus tax. Compared to $200 it's pretty good right? What do you think? :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrating 28 years of Jeff!

So... As you all know, I turned the big 2-8 this week. Carrie took me out to dinner, to play pool, and for ice cream (she put a lit candle shown in the picture). We went back to her house to watch the new episode of The Office on ti-v0, when I walked into the house and saw myself on the couch! A fully dressed (cardboard) version of myself complete with shirt, tie, basketball shorts, and shoes. It was hilarious! Her whole family helped put it together: her brother was the model for the cut out, her dad created the face image, and her mom got way too serious with the details and drew hair on my legs. It was the most original gift I've ever gotten.
I decided that my birthday should extend through the weekend. Thursday we did everything mentioned, Friday I had a shared surprise birthday party with a couple other guys whose birthdays are close to mine, and Saturday, Carrie and I went to Zions National Park for the day to go hiking. Neither of us had ever been there, so it was fun. The hike we went on said "moderate", but we were sharing the trail with a bunch of little kids and a guy who had two canes (bless his heart) it was a nice walk though. Awesome view. Next time we'll dominate the most difficult hike Zion has to offer.
Thanks for all your phone calls! And the video text from Amy and Tatum.
So that brings me to a critical question: Is Carrie a total creep for making my double? OR is she sweet, fun, and original?
Joke for the kids: Why was the baby ant confused?-- Because all of his uncles were ants?!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baseball, Brownies, & Beyond

Carrie and I went to see the Cubs play the White Sox here in Las Vegas. I got the tickets at work one of those advertising perks. They played on our local minor league team's field.

This other picture is us making brownies. This was actually the first time I've ever made them. Yeah, it was probably the first time I've put anything in the oven other than taquitos, corn dogs or some other frozen food.

Anyway, We do a lot of fun stuff together like driving range, batting cages, hypnotist show, gondola rides, long boarding, ping pong, hiking and about every two weeks Carrie waxes my nose hairs. Gross, but I breathe better and isn't it more gross to have hair coming out
of your nose?

PS: Here's something for the kids: What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground Beef. Ha ha I sent Carrie a bunch of jokes like that one day when she was bored at work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is what my head has been loudly thinking for the past 45 minutes since I found out. Apparently I booked December 18-21 for Doheney for my 2 campsites. I know people make mistakes but this is one of the most annoying ones I have EVER made and feel super irritated. Mainly because now we can't camp there in June- well we have Amy's spot. SO 8 people can camp there in her awesome spot she got. The other reason is now I just have to see if they will refund me $134.00. I called and the lady is going to get back to me. She's like "Didn't you receive your confirmation emails?" which I did but, ASS-U-ME-d it had all the info I had just entered- or that I thought I had entered.
I am so sorry. I feel horrible :(
If you have any questions I'll be here..hanging my head in shame.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Underwear Baby!

You may have or have NOT read on my blog recently about how Campbell really likes to wear Dallin's underwear? (Opposite of Sadie who doesn't like the diaper)

Tatum has been babysitting for us lately and last night we came home and found this. CAmpbell sound asleep with Dallin's unders over her Pjs! She is so funny! I love that she is starting to show her personality. She is a funny girl, but what a weird thing to like!

Someday we will have many pictures to prove it..... I guess she just wants to be big!