Monday, March 31, 2008

Come on to CA

Evidently Jeff thinks we should be having a bidding war for his company. Here's my first offer... (By the way, next week is my Spring Break.)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

60th Anniversary -- June 24

In answer to the questions as to whether we're doing anything special for the 60th, Nancee and I have talked it over with them, and they really don't seem to want to do anything big. Our get-together at the temple made them very happy and may be the biggest part of the celebration, or maybe we'll try to pull it off again. Grampa has talked about renting a boat and doing a harbor cruise or something like that, but it's too complicated to try to get everyone in one place like we did at Pismo. I think they'll be happy with lots of well-wishes and cards or small mementos. If you come across any heartfelt but simple ideas I can pull off, let me know--I'm on the lookout for something like that.

Swan Family Temple Day

The more senior members of the clan had a special day last week. Grampa had been wanting to get to the temple, but because of health issues, needed someone with him. David called and said he was coming through town and could meet us there for a few hours to do a session. Great idea! I decided to take a day off and go with Mom, too. Not to be left out of course, Nancee said she could come along. And when Steve heard about the event, he managed to take the weekend, bring the family and join us. All in all, it was a special and spiritual day. We were even able to do temple work for our own family names. How good does it get? It was a great way to spend a day, and a perfect way to celebrate their 60th anniversary (coming up in June)!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


A new van!Never thought I'd see Dan so excited about a mini-van guess we are getting old. He was out there for 1/2 hr. in the dark checking out everything!
My favorite thr trunk and doors on both sides that open with the touch of a button!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Year of the Good Life

I officially named 2008, "The Year of the Good Life" because it's hard to imagine a life much better than what I'm living now: 3 miles from the beach, spending my days reading novels (often by the pool), teaching part time, awesome roommate, perfect weather, great ward with lots of friends. So, this is just a picture I took of the dessert I made for a competition at FHE last night. I won Best Presentation despite the semi-sloppiness of the layers and that the chocolate starts melted into funky shapes in the car.
I'm also posting a link to my flickr account so you can see more pictures of good times had so far this year. Mostly, there are pictures of when Tatum and Jane visited me (including the infamous pic taken right before my tidepool accident). There are also some reminders of why the single life doesn't totally stink--lots of beautiful flowers!
Click here for fotos.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I just thought I'd add a picture of Emma with her short hair. Amy cut it last week during Spring break. She is loving it and I must admit it's really convenient in the morning when we're getting ready for school! Holly who normally wants to do everything Emma does has drawn the line here. She loves her hair as long and "beautiful like a Princess" as possible. The other day she was brushing her hair in front of the mirror and singing "my hair is long and Emma's used to be." :)

The Froerer's

We sure missed you all hope you had great day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What does Miranda do:

This is a secret look at me at work. In this photo the poor unsuspecting 6th grader from Cedar Middle school is about to meet her tragic end and Juliet, just like her husband on the ground in front of her. I am showing her the proper dramatic expression needed in the scene, complete with UAAHAHAHGGG's etc.
When not in classes like this one I am at my office diligently researching or writing about the plays in our upcoming season. I am heading a project that will create informative and 'cool' programs for each production this summer that patrons will be able to buy for, I hope around, $3.
Or, when I'm not in class or at my computer I am at our rehearsals for the kid production of 'Pirates of Penzance' that will be opening April 8th for 4 performances in 48 hours. It is really amazing to see our 11 year old 'model of a modern major general' belt out his tongue twisting lyrics only slightly off key. I love the kids, even if some of them drive me up a wall.
So, that's my life from 9-6 every day. Now you know.

Love you all...and thanks, Sally! Mom

I love this! What a great idea--a family journal. I hope we post lots of pictures and memories. This is much more fun than a photo album because it grows and changes. I especially love the idea of having a spot to remember Dad. It'll be good for all of us. Thank you, Sally.

By the way, I just want to echo what she wrote and tell you how happy you all make me in the love you have for each other--and for me and Dad. I want you to know I thank my Father in Heaven every day for all of you--for your goodness, your choices to follow the Gospel and your kindness to each other. There are very few parents who are as blessed as I am! Thank you for being who you are. I love you all so much.

8 in a Row

Amy got a lucky shot of all the kids (no one crying, blinking, back turned, etc) today right as we were letting them out in back to start the Egg Hunt. We put them by height which for now is still oldest to youngest. Amy and I were just talking about how blessed we feel that they have been able to grow up together so far.
We had a great Easter and hope that you all did as well (even though you weren't here)!

From These Groovy Beginnings...

In the beginning (the 1970s), there was a happy-go-lucky, very orange-clad couple who met in the typical fashion--at a BYU dance. Who could have guessed that this gangly Trekkie and sweet, red-headed Valley-girl would produce all of us beautiful people? (see recent family photo).

I wanted to start this blog for several reasons:
1) To help bridge some of the geographic distance that separates our family by putting us all in one centralized cyber-place.
2) To simplify the constant photo-sharing.
3) To have a place where we can share memories of Dad when we remember them. There will be a spot dedicated just to this, so that as memories come to us we can record them.

I just have to say our family is awesome! We all not only love, but like, each other. That's pretty amazing. You are all my favorite people, and I hope that we can use this blog to share more about our lives and personalities.