Monday, October 18, 2010

The After Party

It was short but to me, very sweet. Something about us all being together at "home" felt really special. Can we all agree to get together again soon? Did we ever figure out Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will everyone be out here right after Christmas besides Randa?

Here's mom and the divider- taking it all in.
the Clones and Eter.
The good photography chair in poor lighting.
I had to include this one for Jeff's face :) does anyone else think Jeff's becoming quite photogenic? Must be another Carrie-influence.
It was really neat listening to what grandpa had to say. (Another thing I should've videod!)
You both have a bit of an eyebrow lilt going. I'm gonna have to work on that. Actually, maybe just Rand.
aint no party like a Giles house party. Hey! Ho!
Nice to just relax and enjoy each other for a little while after the party. And I had to add this for Eli's very special balloon. And it's cute of mom.
I really miss you all already. Camping this summer. 5 days. Let's do it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Online Entrepeneurship.... help!

Amidst last week's excitement of lightning striking our backyard, Eter having a part-time job (which we hope will last a while) fall in his lap, and our FREE 6 month anniversary trip to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel....

I've been busy making some prototypes for a new product I hope to start selling, online (, maybe ebay, maybe our own website), by word of mouth, and possible at some kind of boutique things in AZ that Amy just told me about.

It's re-usable gift couture (?), which saves time, the environment, and your great aunt's hands by getting rid of the old style ribbon and replacing it with (something like) this easy-on/easy-off number:

There are three sizes here. All of them are first tries, and I'll post them individually so you can see them better. The ribbon is elastic, so there is no tying when wrapping or tugging when opening. And it can be used over and over.

I think this one is the most successful so far. It's a DVD inside, so that's the size. It also works for book size and any smaller box in that general range. I wrapped it with a grocery bag--easily recycled. Do you think it needs to be blinged up? Like bejeweled? I like it kind of simple like this. I guess there could be both options.

This would be the smallest version, and only really works if it goes on straight (vs diagonal). You can't see the ribbon in this picture but it is a light green. This is just a box I already had, but I could get different colored boxes in this size pretty easily and sell it with the box. I've also thought about doing a kind of coordinating set of three with different sizes.

Try to imagine this one with some cute wrapping paper. I'm actually considering selling boxes where the top is covered in fabric--making it reusable and eliminating wrapping paper. But I need to check on how reasonable shipping rates are for these bigger boxes. I don't think they could fold with the fabric glued on.
This is my first attempt at Christmas, which will hopefully be the big push and jumpstart. I also need to get some good green ribbon. I've got the light one, and a dark one that is more bluish-teal. It looked weird, so I went with the brown again here.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

I also need to come up with a name. At least for Etsy, but it would be nice if it could just stay the same. And Eter is working on a logo/background.

Here are some names so far, and please suggest more if you think of any:

Sally's Flower Box Shop
Flower Box Gifters
Gift Box Couture
The Green Ribbon (meaning eco-friendly)

Or any mixture of such?

I need to channel this family's creativity, please! TATUM!!!