Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We finally see'd her in Cedar!

I have been wanting to visit for a long time and it was so much fun and beautiful!
YEA we're almost there!!!

Miranda's place. On the left. Not to be mistaken with the right which is someone else's home entirely.
She was still out getting lunch for us (so nice) so I explored her room for a minute while the kids rushed the bathroom. I thought he was very cute and apropos!
We didn't have to wait too long to see this bright, beautiful smile!
We chatted and had a yummy pizza and then the Bubster stopped by to visit. It was so fun to see him too! The kids were lovin' it of course. The more attention the better!
Bubba had to go back to work but the rest of us headed over to SUU which, I'm quite sure I'm the last to know, is right across the street from her apt. WOW! Was it ever beautiful! Definetly a sight for sore (deserty, over-wrought with everything brown and cactusy) eyes.

Emma in a nature frame.

campus beauty.

right by the theater. So cool! We REALLY wanted to stay and watch a show and were tempted to even stay the night. Another time though.

long way down.

Saying goodbye :( We stayed an played awhile not anxious to leave the beauty and the kids not anxious to return to the car for 3+ more hrs.
Again, I was in awe of what a super little sister I have and how grown up she is. When did I get so old? Thanks for the fun visit :) We love you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emma started a blog. She's done it all herself. She would be super excited if she got a few comments. It's pepperkittyemma.blogspot.com

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Brother (or son)- The Man

Maybe it's the fact that I don't see Jeff enough or that he's now 28. Or the fact that the older he gets, the more he reminds me of dad from my childhood memories. (K- this was supposed to be funny and now I'm teary). But- little Jeffy is all grown up and I've got the pictures to prove it.

We visited him and his new house on the way to Utah. We got there at like midnight and Jeff was so kind as to give our family his room with attached bathroom. And Carrie was so kind to wait around for us too. Upon arrival it unfortunetly became very anti-climatic with crying, tired kids we had to deal with and try to get back to sleep. But it was fun to see her. I guess the whole experience together made me think of Jeff as a grown up instead of a kid.

Since I don't know that Jeff is planning on posting "new house" pictures anytime soon (if ever), I thought I'd give him a little help. And let's face it- I'm like the family photographer. I hate to name drop but "Salter" may have possibly mentioned something to me about wedding photography. They might have been saying it in a "desperate times, desperate measures" kinda way, but twas said just the same.
It was dark but the neighborhood looked really cute.
Homeowner extraordinaire to greet us.
Fabulous uncle day and night.
They were leaving for NYC the next day, and we were off to visit Randa in the morning early. But we did have time to chat before we left. That's when it hit me- Jeff is a man. He's got a house, a job, he's taking trips, he's found a very sweet, fun girl, he's an awesome, grown up guy! Go Jeff! And thanks for letting us barge in the day before your trip. It was short but sweet. We LOVE you!!!

Stay tuned for upcoming Cedar/Randa/SUU post.