Thursday, June 3, 2010

"H and G"

The kids waited and waited... and finally they came! It was so fun to see you guys for a little bit!
And then we left to go camping with 3 other families in our ward.
when I see the food in Sadie's mouth it makes me I the only one who could think this picture is adorable b/c I'm her mother and everyone else is grossing out at the "seafood"?
After we got back home I found out that Holly's hair was camouflaging a layer of dirt
There were 2 dogs up there which the kids played with a TON. Emma most of all. All the other parents kept saying that we need to get our kids a dog. I usually brush off that comment but I have to say, watching Emma play with them so happily all weekend, I began to feel a little guilty about it.
Eli got down and dirty of course.
BTW, he started a blog of his own today ( and already wrote 3 posts! I sent you all invitations, but could someone try and look at it before they accept just to make sure it's private? Thank you!
The kids assumed Branba would still be here when we got back and were not happy campers (kug kug) when we returned to an empty house. Did you leave us a box of "Ohs"?

Also, as part of the kids summer schedule, they'll be updating their blogs once a week so you can check them more often.