Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Times/Thanks MOM!

Wish I could have seen you all over Thanksgiving, but it was a busy time for Mom and I. We worked hard and hammered out a lot of the nitty-gritty details for the big day in LA.
Going away dress
Fabric colors
Party favors
Who knew how annoying all these little decisions could be. I'm extremely happy that I only have a month to bother with all this stuff instead of 3 or more.
Overall though, our few days of shopping were really easy. Things kept appearing and working out so serendipitously that I couldn't help thinking that it was all meant to be this way.
I was really happy to get back here to Bubba. We are both much happier when we are together. I think that's a good sign. He was busy working on invitations while I was away. (They should start coming out by the end of the week.)
In all, I owe mom a big huge THANKS!!! for making it all happen. I'm sorry that, in all likleyhood, these kinds of decisions and large purchases will be dominating her next few months, but then again, at least after that it will be done FOREVER. Then let the good-times and babies start to roll.
I love you mom.

Here are a few of my favorites from our engagement session:

This one is my fav

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ahhh hahahaha!

For the K Family Reunion I'm in charge of gathering a picture of EVERYONE in the family that's served a mission, on their mission, for a world map/missionary display. Anyway, so I was looking for a picture of Don and Shirley in Paraguay and came across a bunch of pictures I haven't seen forever! And in the spirit of holidays, and to continue the flashback theme, I thought I'd share. I laughed at some so hard I cried.

Dana loves this one! I think it's funny that apparently I got someone short like Jeff to take the picture since I was looking so good. The clothes, the hair, the braces, the scrawniness. Feb 1991 I remember thinking that the suspenders were a stroke of pure genius! The 4th 1990. Sally, were we both in our awkward stages at the same time? A great April Fools picture -1992
Sally I just love that you held these up for me so I could take the picture. This one just makes me laugh so hard. Oh- and another "club" shirt. I think this one was mine too! Sept. 1989
JEFF! HAHAHAHA! No date but I think it was October 1989.
A very cute one :) Summer 1989
Morning of our 17th/19th birthdays. 1992
This one's for you Randa since you have such fond memories. "Safety Kids" perform at D-Land. June 1990

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Randa!!!

Thought I'd do a little birthday flashback tribute to our favorite youngest sister! We love you, Randa! And what a little cutie you were...and are, of course. Look at these little red pigtails!

Does it get better than a My Little Pony on your birthday? Well, maybe. But look at all your sisters excited enough to be hovering around "helping you" with it!

A few other tidbits I'd like to point out. In this picture, Amy is Tatum's age--12. Katie is 10--about the same as Jane and Emma. I'm 7--Eli. Don't we look older than your kids do?

Also, I love my yarn ribbon and florescent yellow sleeves! Ah, 1985--you were so good to us.

Another thing I LOVE about looking at old picture is the stuff in the background because all of these objects kind of make up the everyday history of our lives. They are what we stared at while eating cereal, or what we broke and didn't want to 'fess up to, or loved or hated even then. So, don't we all remember that Nutcracker soldier? I'm wondering if it snuck out before the Dec 1 official decorating date, or (ugh) had it been out since the year BEFORE? ha ha.
I believe that is my crayon and marker set--loved it!
That clown tricycle guy looks really familiar, but I feel like it came and went. And I don't know where from or to? Anyone?
And, best for last, "I LIKE HOUSEWORK. I LIKE HOUSEWORK. I LIKE HOUSEWORK." How many days did I go to school with that mantra in my head. A lot of good it did this pretty unhelpful child.

A cute one of me and Randa at around 1 and 6. Well, cuter of Randa.

And finally, I found this gem, which of course I love because Dad is in it and being totally himself. It must've been a Sunday, since we're all dressed up. Dad, joking around as usual and ruining my 9 year old cool. I'm rockin' my yellow jeanskirt, and probably sucking down the last of my Halloween candy. (Lollipops are last pick.) And Randa, hamming it up and finishing off all those hand-me-downs. A Grandma Giles special?

Anyway, I love our family, and I love you Randa! Hope you had the best "blessed" birthday ever!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Grand Year

So who's it gonna be? Who will have the ring and date first? It's like all 3 of you are right there. My eager-osity is getting the best of me. 2010 is a BIG year indeed! (someone please hurry)

And in case you haven't yet heard, Dana and I are expecting in July :) We are as excited as can be. We told the kids today who are already giving us name suggestions and seem to be happy about it (although I can tell Emma is reserving some mixed feelings).

I'm just so excited for everything coming up. And I'm so happy we will all be together for Christmas soon. At least for a couple days. Love you all so much :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did too do Halloween...

Just so you know... Halloween happened here too. Root beer and all.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nightmare on Peneplain St.

<----- My pumpkin ate too much candy and threw up all over my porch, so I named her JANE O. Lantern!

My neighbor across the street mentioned that Halloween is a big deal around here, so Carrie and I decided to get festive and decorate the house-- equipped with cobwebbs, orange lights and our pumpkins. Thus began Nightmare on Peneplain St.

Halloween night Doug and his girlfriend, Angela, came over. We didn't end up dressing up this year, but it was fun to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters as we sat on the porch and ate our Taco Bell. Doug scared many of them. After the kids had stopped coming, we watched "Misery" (awesome movie! I hadn't seen the whole thing and I loved it). It was a fun night of fright, delight and rhyming...
(Carrie wrote most of this, especially the parts that were boring)