Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Time

Okay I've been meaning to get this up here for awhile. Are you feeling like your excited for camping at the beach this summer but want some info? Yes, I thought so. So here's the map of the campground with our sites marked:
The first one on the left is site #001 and it's for Mon-Wed (2 nights)
The next red dot is site #106 Tues-Thurs (2 nights)
The next red dot being under the previous site is #107 Mon-Tues (1 night)
And lastly closest to the beach #90 Thurs-Fri (1 night)

So we need to figure out who's going where and when. Sorry we have no weekend nights but this is all we could get. So we have 2 sites Monday-Wednesday with one group moving from 107 to 106 on Tuesday. But that group can stay there until Thursday. Then Thursday that group or a new group can take 90. We are going to try and get a couple nights at that BW we stayed at last time so let me know if that interests anyone else too.

Check-in is at 2pm check-out at 12 pm so the people moving will have that 2 hr window. Here's the link for more info:
Hopefully we can make this work for everyone :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remind you of anyone....?


Here's the big question... is it nature or nurture?! Hmmmm.................
Both Eter and I had colds this past weekend. Him first, then me. I CAN assure you and I'm sure he'd like you to know, he did NOT do this. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I gather the blossoms...

"For if I love flowers and meadows and walking,
I learned how to love them, dear Mother, from you."

I have always really liked the primary song 'I Often Go Walking' because it reminds me of Mom. I still pretty small when Mom went through her Landscape/learn every plant in Latin phase. It was a little like having a mom who was also The Good Witch of the Garden, learning to cast spells to make things grow beautiful around her.
Today I spent my afternoon at a local nursery looking for perennials with good color mixes. I said the Latin names out loud as well as I could, casting poor attempts to give my summer a little more beauty to help balance the craziness of work.
I brought my flowers home and got too much sun as I mixed the dirt with my hands and put the fragile little guys into their friendly little pots.
I hope the spells work.

Happy Mother's Day to the best Good Witch of the Garden Mamma.

And happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Sister-Mommas,
I hope I can be as good as you when I grow up.