Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Diplomacy - AKA - Meeting of the Moms

Mom came down on Friday and we went down to Tijuana to meet Eter and his "amá" for dinner at my favorite restaurant El Potrero. Don't let the fact that it's shaped like a gargantuan sombrero fool you. It is delicioso and not just some taco joint. Here waiters know how to be waiters and they bring out a miniature hat stand and hang your purse on it next to your table. (Don't you hate that there's never anywhere to put your purse when you go out to eat? But I digress...)

I think they were both a little nervous, while Eter and I were really looking forward to this long-awaiting cultural car wreck. No, really I think because we each know both of them we knew it would be fine, just full of short sentences, questioning looks directed at us, and lots of smiling and nodding. Mom studied her Spanish book the whole way down and actually did a bang-up job! Eter's mom, Ernestina, speaks no English, and mom actually was able to understand and even say a lot in Spanish. Eter titled this picture: "Dos ninas".

This is the two of them afterwards at Eter's house. We came back to pick up some of his moving bins full of clothes and books (also pretty exciting, as we're seeing an end to all this border crossing nonsense!) Anyway, they got on great, as you can imagine. Two proud mamas, so relieved that FINALLY their children who are way past due are getting hitched.

We couldn't help but make the comparison.... As we drove to Eter's, the two of them were sitting together in the backseat, communicating a little more on their own. At one point we heard them exchange the work for bread. "Pan" "Oh, bread! Pan!" It was pretty hilarious. And not too different from Sadie and Campbell's little exchanges... "Me, Ham?"

We love them both. We are so lucky to have had mothers who have loved us no matter what, taught us the value of education, and most importantly gave us a living example of faith and testimony. We feel very lucky, as well, that everyone in our families gets along well with each other. Very rare, I think. Love you all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Ant Sally..."

Eli often asks me who he'll marry and just questions about dating. Like what do people do on dates and what if he marries someone mean. I think it's funny and sweet that he thinks about that stuff. Anyway, he saw Sal's blog post and I could tell he really liked it. So then he went and drew this picture which I just love and thought I'd share :)

ferris wheel in case you can't tell. I also love the shirts.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Operation Bluestone


What, this old thing?

It's gorgeous! He did a great job picking it out and was much sneakier than I expected him to be.

He emailed my roommate and had the ring shipped to her office. Then she put it in his bag while he was at my house tonight. We had planned to go to the temple together, and we did. But when we got there, he said he wanted to take some pictures because we had time anyway. I started to suspect something when he kept going further to the balcony section, off to the side of the temple. He told me to stand and pose first. Then, he looked perplexed and came to show me the screen. But it had words on it about good things coming to those who wait. Very cute. Then it asked me in Spanish if I wanted to start a family with him. I just hugged and kissed him and then he asked in English, Will you marry me? It was the perfect place since that is where we first met, and where we had our first date. It just means a lot to us and always will. We are planning to be married there on March 27! Eter says I'm glowing, and he's right. I can't stop smiling.