Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Camp time! Yahoo!

Did I get your attention? Besides Pringles, what do we need for a campout? I have lots of equipment we can share, but we may also want to have duplicate things at each campground.
Things I have:
Lrge tent -- Klevens are going to use it.
Med. tent
2 2-man tents (one belongs to Jeff)
EZ UP cabana
small pop-up beach shelter tent
several large tarps to put under tents
lg ice chest
cooking pots
lg & small griddles
rack for over the fire
lg water jug (the big orange kind)
smaller portable water jug
2 good camping mattresses (air cushioned)
1 double air camp mattress - not the one we use in the house
rake and broom
and a bunch of other small stuff: rope, flashlights, etc.
If you want to uses any of this, I'll plan to bring it. Grampa suggested I bring his big car, too.
Take it away, Campers!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Life and Times of James Benjamin: Extraordinary Newborn

Over the last 4 days I had the privilege of being part of the beginning of baby James life. And watching (along with offering occasional advice) Sally and Eter learn the ropes of parenthood. It was really and truly a privilege. Seeing him, holding him, smelling him, being in the beautiful weather, spending time talking with Sally and Eter, reading a great book ("The Forgotten Garden"), sleeping in (unintentionally- but savored nonetheless) And taking a few pictures :) Sally gave me permission to post about their cute little baby and I REALLY had a struggle to narrow it down a little or else I'd post about 50 pictures (which is the first narrowed-down number and they are all cute). But it is a family blog and lets face it, a new family member isn't born every day. So no one's complaining about too many pictures right?
A few are blurry- but still cute. He kept trying to smile.
Got to spend one day with mom there :)
Might be my favorite.
Also a top contender.
Ready for 1st bath. Soo handsome! (and mommy in the background:)
Sleepy boy.
He's telling me I'm his favorite aunt really loudly. (actually his cry is very little and sweet).
Emma's favorite.
The very cute family of 3!
Welcome sweet baby boy! Can't wait to see you (and all the rest of you) in 2 weeks!!!