Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Exchange List

I think I'm a little late on this, this year. I've been busy and still can't believe Halloween is this week already!

As I wrote out all the names for the gift exchange drawing, I noticed that for the first year the kids outnumber the adults. Even if mom was on the list, there'd still be one more kid! Ten adults, eleven kids. Pretty crazy! :)

Dan---> Carrie
Amy---> Sally
Dana---> Dan
Katie---> Miranda
Eter---> Jeff
Sally---> Dana
Jeff---> Eter
Carrie---> Katie
Miranda---> Amy

Tatum---> Eli
Jane---> Lucia
Emma---> Campbell
Eli---> Jane
Dallin---> James
Holly---> Tatum
Sadie---> Berkley
Campbell---> Holly
James---> Emma
Berkley---> Dallin
Lucia---> Sadie

Other items up for conversation:

  • Are we going to try and get a family picture taken this year? Please give your feedback either way.
  • Do we want to beach camp this year? If so, which month? If not, where else should we go?
  • In the summer we talked a little bit about maybe renting the group site and making it a Swan reunion...I personally think that would be fun.
  • anything else?


Jeff Giles said...

Family pictures would be nice if everyone is coming but if Sally and Eter and mom can't make it. I don't see the point. Beach camping is good but I'm kinda bored with that spot we go to. If I'm the only one then that's fine we can go there. Swan reunion would be cool but I'm not sure who could come and when or if they're good to beach camp.

Sally said...

I pretty much agree with everything Jeff said.
Even if we got there on Christmas Day, is anyone willing to take family pics of us on Christmas Day? I'm not sure what we're doing yet, as far as coming before or after Eter's b-day. And with a one-month old, I'm keeping the option open to not come at all, but we are still planning on it.
Our lives are completely up in the air. So, I don't know what we'll be doing or where next summer, or if Eter will have vacation time.
I thought we talked about a Swan reunion somewhere in Big Bear. Mom and I found out about a huge cabin that fits like 40. Don't know on prices. But that seems like it would be fun.

Kate said...

Wow Jeff! Thank you for addressing everything!
Are you going to be here for Christmas mom and Sally? Sally, if mom doesn't come, will you come? (Not that we'd do pictures w/o mom of course).
Maybe it's best not to plan a Swan thing right now considering the Large family. Didn't think about that...

Sally said...

Oh, and yes, Jeff seriously gets Eter every year.
And I get Dana a lot, too. I'm always giving him an iTunes card. Last year it was a book. Any suggestions for this year, Kate?

Kate said...
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Kate said...

iTunes card and a book are what I wanted to give him!