Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beautiful Berkley!

Amy and I were lucky enough to fly to Vegas and visit our new little family member!
She's about the sweetest thing you can imagine.

 Of course we loved visiting the new parents too!

Carrie's was doing a great job getting accustomed to the whiles of being a new mom.
1) Nursing and pumping at least 50% of your day).
2) Trying to catch a few winks when the baby sleeps (hard to do, esp. when you have guests).

3) Doing a lot of baby holding and loving :)

But Amy and I gave her as many breaks from that last as we could.

My turn please :)
(As my kids would say...AWWWW!!!)

Then I got some of Jeff holding her since he didn't have much to do. And he loves posing for pictures!
Just kidding- he was very obliging with all the pictures I took of him holding Berkley. He said several times how he actually does find himself interested in a newborn for the first time in his life!

It was pretty cute since she's so tiny next to him. Here's my favorites of times he had her:

On the second day, we noticed her long eyelashes- so of course I tried to get a picture of them.

This position worked out better...

Amy got the honor of giving her, her first sponge bath.

Babies don't normally like being unwrapped, naked, and wet but she barely made a peep!

It may be partly because she's a preemie but I'd be surprised if she gets really fussy later. She's sooo mellow. Amy and I started singing the "Miracle Child" song to her from "Joseph, King of Dreams".

 And last, her tiny, cute legs and wrinkly knees...

She's got a good appetite and (literally) some big shoes to fill gene-wise, so I know she'll grow fast. I feel lucky I got to be part of her very early days and I know Amy feels the same way! Thank you Jeff and Carrie for being the gracious hosts you are :)

Congrats on your little sweet-pea!


Amy Froerer said...

Yes,It was so fun to be there! She really is a "miracle child!" sooo easy and sweet! Good job on the pics Kate and being the official family blogger too. It was Good times with the newest Giles family!

Sally said...

Super cute! I can't wait to get out there and see her, too.

Carrie said...

Thanks for making this post, Katie! We loved having you guys here. And I looove the pictures! Can you email all the ones you took to me? And a big thank you to you and Amy for doing so much for us! It made the transition to parenthood a little easier :)

Carrie said...

Ps I wish I looked halfway decent at some point to take a family photo! That c section and broken up sleep did a number on me!

Kate said...

Well you looked beautiful so dang- we should have thought of that!